In order to have a great experience, you MUST follow our rules and policies during your visit.

Adult supervision is aMUST.
*Please register and sign our one time liability waiver before you come in. Click on our Waiver tab and follow instructions.
*Do not forget that Socks are required at all times.
*Children should not be playing, jumping or running with candy or food in their mouth, this is to prevent children from choking or having any other accidents, that is why, NO FOOD IS ALLOWED IN THE PLAY AREA, this rule applies to birthday parties as well.

*No birthday parties allowed in the waiting  area.

*No painted faces are allowed. Face paint can transfer to equipment and we want to prevent paint to get on children clothes or skin. 
*Adults may enjoy drinks in the play area while supervising children but please remember to not leave drinks open and/or unattended. Water is always welcomed inside!
*To prevent an upset stomach, children MUST wait at least 20 minutes after eating to go back inside and play.
*Remember to take restroom trips often to prevent potty accidents.

*Remind your child to play nice with others, we come to The Playground to make friends :) 

*In order to maintain low prices, we ask you to please help us maintain our facility clean and use our equipment and toys for its sole purpose. 
*Please do not leave the facility without your children, not even to make a quick phone call.
Most important, please be cordial to others and follow rules ;)
Although, we can not prevent the unexpected from happening, our policies and rules are in place so everyone can enjoy their visit.  
Please know that our only purpose is to provide the best environment for children.
Thank you very much for your support! 

The Playground reserves the right to remove customers  from the Playground or refuse service to anyone who interferes with employees, customers or own safety.